Hear what my clients have to say


" I am sitting on the ferry for the Sunshine Coast reading a magazine. Some “super duper” chef has a recipe in there and I don’t get it and it made me think of you!

I am sure I’ve asked this question before so forgive me. Given ALL we know about canola oil, why is it used in so many high brow – and low brow- recipes???? I don’t get it?? "

- D. G.

Because it’s cheap, or in marketing terms, cost effective; and the industry is bought. - Sharon

" So happy with the improvements I’m seeing lately! I forgot to mention that I was waking up to pee for the past year and my whole body would spasm, that has stopped recently. "

- S. I.

" Hi Sharon. I went to get my teeth cleaned yesterday. When finished, the hygienist told me there was significant improvement in my oral inflammation since my last cleaning. She added that, based on what she had seen in my mouth, my intestine must be improving as well. I found that heartening.

(I didn’t know my mouth was inflamed because I took good care of my teeth.) "

- H. C.

" Your remedies seem to be working. Of the four warts, the two with black on top have shed the black part. My muscles seem a little more relaxed than usual. Thanks. "

- Lynne

" Oh my god Sharon. I started bleeding a tiny bit. I am freaking out in a good way. This is unbelievable.

I just wanted to also say, that in the past week I have been feeling much better and today especially. Not tired and much more clear headed. 😊 "

- I. K. R. & L. A.

" Hi Sharon, I just wanted to let you know that cream and tincture worked great – the hemmoroid pain went away and so did the hemmoroid! Then my stool test showed negative for blood and I didn’t have to get any tests… You’re the best as usual! "

- A. M.

" Sharon elegantly explains what can cause ill health and has a wealth of helpful information... which she delivers with an air of simplicity. "

- John Korpi, Founder - Korpi Release Method

Digestion Problems

"After travelling in South America for 6 months, I had incredible digestion problems. I had severe weight loss, pain when eating, constant loose stool, fatigue and slowly all my systems started breaking down, from my immune system to my hormonal system. For years I wasn't getting any answers from my western doctors and finally I found Sharon. She has incredible diagnosis tools and after one session named the all the parasites that I had. I started treatments with her, including homeopathy, herbal medicine, diet changes and rife treatments, and within months saw a huge difference in my health. I worked with her over the last couple of years and my health has changed dramatically. I feel like she has helped me gain a quality of life back that I had lost."

"Sharon has an amazing wealth of knowledge and incredible tools for treatment. She always makes an effort to make time for you, and I always feel like I leave her office having been listened to and with a plan of action. Sharon has a refreshingly direct and confident approach and is generous and concerned as a practitioner. I would recommend her to anyone looking for answers, and seeking a protocol that works for them individually in regaining their health and dealing with all kinds of illnesses. Sharon has a competence as a practitioner I have never seen matched and I am truly grateful she came into my life."

- Kellsie (Forbes), Montreal

"Your talents, passion and generosity has not only been inspiring but has been invaluable to my life, health, and spirit. Thanks for being so amazing!"

- Cherise

"Thank you so much for being a part of my life and for guiding me to move forward in my health. I look forward to resuming our work together in 2005."

- Shiraine

Tossing Toxicity

"The "personality" known as Sharon Richlark arrived in my home and went through it like a whirlwind, tossing all the toxicity inside; from flying Rubbing Alcohol bottles, to winging packaged noodle soups right out the door! I loved it! And by the time she left, I knew I not only had a Wellness Trainer but also an amazing Life Coach."

- MJM, Vancouver, BC

Traveling With Remedies

"We are back from our world travels... Thank you for the remedies. I am the only one who did not get sick. It is amazing to me that I could talk to the family about the remedies you recommended, be taking them on the trip and they would not partake. It was sad to see them going through the gut-wrenching upsets... I am so glad to see first hand what level of health I have been able to attain, with your help. Again, each is on their own journey - I can lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink. Thank you for your knowledge, wisdom, caring and support."

- Donna T., Vancouver, BC


"Last night when I started taking the medicine, I could already feel something energetically happening in my body. Today, I think that I saw some dead worms come out in my stool ALREADY!! Yikes!"

- Andrea, Vancouver, BC

Dioxin Poisoning

"Hi Sharon, Have you ever treated someone who's been poisoned with dioxin and disfigured as a result? If not, do you think that you could treat such a person? (And later) The homeopathics that we discussed are working very well. I've actually felt "shifts" occurring in my brain (new neural pathways being created, perhaps?). Fascinating. You're the best!"

- Blair W., Vancouver BC


"I was compelled to send you this email to say thank you and acknowledge you for the love and care you provide for me and this baby (I am carrying). I am feeling particularly blessed to be so healthy after talking with a friend yesterday... who is due around the same time I am and is currently on doctor-ordered bed rest because of complications. She had a very bad yeast infection that she was not aware of for two weeks, and it has gotten so bad that the walls of her cervix are starting to thin, her baby has dropped and yet there is no dilation... I know that I am doing well in taking care of myself with the foods that I eat, the yoga, the exercise, but I also know that the remedies you give me play a big part in all of this. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. Once again, thank you so much."

- Kim S


"Thank you for everything you have done for our family. Thanks to you we have a healthy and happy baby girl."

- The Spinks Family

ADHD (At age six, Adrian was vaccinated which resulted in severe damage, causing anger & aggressive behaviour toward mother & peers)

"Hi Sharon, I met with the school counselor today to give me an update on how Adrian's doing. Since last fall he has seen a significant improvement in his progress and so has his teacher. There are still areas to work on but apparently he's able to focus more in class. I also spoke to the daycare workers and they also told me he's been doing much better also. He seems to have gained more confidence as he's doing better in sports and takes an interest. That's the update. "

- Annie T., North Vancouver

Shigella Parasite & Mercury Dental Fillings

" I first met Sharon Richlark in 1997 through a friend of mine who worked for Sharon. Elly invited me to attend a free information session that Sharon was giving on her health consultation services, and I decided to attend. I'd had considerable success addressing my health problems holistically as a patient of naturopathic physicians in Ontario and North Vancouver (B.C.), but I had done as much healing as their knowledge and modalities allowed, and figured that there was nothing to lose by attending Sharon's session. Significantly, my experience as a patient of the naturopaths had made me aware that I responded very well to homeopathics, herbal remedies, and other natural-source medicines which, I would find out in time, were used by Sharon.

During her talk, Sharon mentioned that she tested for parasites, which I'd had in the 1980's as a result of working in a South American country, where there was a lack of clean food and proper sanitation in many areas. After her presentation, Sharon offered to do some complimentary testing; I joined the queue. When it was my turn, I asked Sharon if she was able to test for South American parasites. She said yes. I then asked her if she knew about shigella, and to my surprise, she replied affirmatively. From my experience with conventional/mainstream medicine in Canada, doctors were ignorant about shigella. After returning to this country, I suspected that I still had the bacteria because the colour and consistency of my stools had not returned to normal. Sharon's apparent knowledge about South American parasites, and shigella in particular, was the reason why I decided to make an appointment for more testing.

As it turned out, I not only had shigella, but also a lot of parasites, from microscopic types to worms that could easily be seen. Parasites were in my blood, lung, kidneys, and other parts of my body. After my first appointment with Sharon, she created a remedy staging sheet, a list of homeopathics and other natural remedies that I took as directed. Within a week of commencing the first stage, worms started to appear in my stools; my body had begun to get rid of the parasites that had used me as a host to live and reproduce for more than a decade. Due to the quantity and different types of parasites in my body, it took several months to get rid of them. Periodically, Sharon would re-test me, to monitor my progress and recommend different remedies, when required.

Sharon was also a great help when I needed to eliminate the mercury in my body that had leeched from metal dental fillings (amalgams) over 20+ years. Dental amalgams are about 50% mercury, and studies have linked amalgam mercury to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, and other autoimmune conditions. (See the website at http://www.iaomt.org/merc_release.swf) The neurological effect that I experienced was "fuzzy" thinking, which began in my teen years and continued to my mid-thirties. I had my metal fillings removed by a Vancouver dentist experienced in keeping the mercury vapor released in the removal process from being ingested by the patient. However, having the amalgams removed and replaced with composite fillings was not enough because the leeched mercury was still in my body. I went to Sharon for testing, which indicated that not only did my brain contain mercury, but also my spinal column and other parts of my body. My mind/thinking became much clearer and sharper after I took the natural-source remedies that she recommended, and my fatigue decreased significantly.

A final comment. In 1992, after experiencing health problems for many years that family doctors and specialists were unable to resolve, I decided to try something new: a holistic approach to dealing with my health issues. I would probably not be writing this if I had not made that commitment to myself. Conventional/mainstream medicine may work for some people, but in my case, it was a colossal failure because M.D.'s kept treating my symptoms with pharmaceuticals, and never addressed the underlying reasons for them (food sensitivities, an immune system weakened by synthetic chemicals used to grow crops and produce, steroids in meats, refined sugar and other nutritionally-deficient ingredients in food products, significant emotional and psychological stress, etc.).

There have been a number of very knowledgeable and gifted holistic practitioners who have come into my life, including Sharon Richlark. I would recommend her services to any person interested in addressing their health concerns holistically.

If you wish more information about my experience as a client of Sharon, feel free to contact me via e-mail at bwatson38@yahoo.ca. "

- Blair Watson, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

If My Weight Could Talk

" Hi everyone, my name is Kerry and I'd love to share my personal weight loss experience with you. My story has your typical beginning in that I began to notice little by little and pound by pound my body weight was slowly increasing. At first my clothes became snug fitting, however, over time, not only did they no longer fit, it was now necessary to buy larger sized clothing.

I began various diet strategies; they were all in vain with little or no results. I was becoming emotionally frustrated, discouraged and withdrawn. It was at this point in time that I began working with Sharon. Not only is she a fellow Sunrider, but more importantly, she has established a high reputation as a holistic homeopathic practitioner.

During my sessions with Sharon I was made aware that due to viruses, parasites (nasty little critters) and the toxicity within my body that many of the foods and nutrients I was consuming were not being absorbed effectively by my body.

I began to cleanse and detoxify through the intake of various drainage and remedy stages and by following a strict dysbiosis diet. I was also regenerating my health by consuming and supplementing my program with Sunrider foods.

Within a short period of time I began losing weight as well as inches. I began to accept the responsibility for my health. I began trusting, nourishing and accepting myself. I also began to experience overall health and increased energy no more "power naps."

While I continue to work with Sharon, she expresses her passion and philosophy to help you assess and correct the imbalances in your body, nutrition and lifestyle so that your body can heal itself. With her support, direction and encouragement, I am filled with hope and inspiration as I continue my journey towards experiencing harmony of body, mind and spirit."

- Kerry, Coquitlam, BC

Thanks For Not Giving Up On Me

" In the past 11 days since I attended the Self Healing seminar at your place with Elaine Hopkins I have had at least 5 days free of bladder pain and 5-6 times when, with self-hypnosis, I have reduced the pain I was having to a more bearable level.

It's all very exciting and promising and I'm thoroughly enjoying doing visualizations and am continually surprised at what wonderful scenes come into my mind!

Thank you so much for arranging for her to come down here and for encouraging me to attend. It will probably become a pivotal, life-changing experience. I was energized by the 2 days, not drained as I had initially supposed.

I would like to tell Elaine the same things. I have her address, but do you have an e-mail address for her? Thanks for not giving up on me and my tenacious health problems. As you say, "God bless". "

- Nancy M.

Skeptical At First

" Hopefully, this year has given you all that you desire. Knowing that we are living in the timeless, you will always have an opportunity create fulfillment of your desires. We met last summer at Hanna's. I want to let you know how much I appreciate the recommendations you made based on the readings you did on me. My health has been dramatically improved since I finished the treatments.

I am sure you knew I was skeptical for several reasons. It was difficult for me to believe that I had so many disorders in my body, even though I knew something was zapping my energy. Also, I had been "checked" by Hanna the previous year and only had Giardia, so my ego and my lack of confidence in you, a stranger, prompted my reaction. However, I checked myself on all products several times before taking them and you were absolutely correct, (which you knew.)

It has been my intention to write to you for the past few months. I couldn't let this go over into the time of empowerment, 1997. The changes that have been developing are giving me more confidence in my health consultations. More people are arriving at my door for help in their physical and emotional situations.

As 1997 is the year of Empowerment, all of us who are living in the conscious recognition of the abiding presence will see remarkable changes and miracles in our worlds. Again, I want you to know how grateful I am for your help in my life. Continue to Let Life Live You. "

- Patricia G., Belleville, MI

How Did Sharon Know?

" Thank you for your session, it was very interesting and I have learned a lot, too. I was there listening what you were saying, and thinking "Wow, does Sharon knew her before? How can she know the details about Maki?" You are always amazing! "

- Mari Stoner Jikiden Reiki Teacher & Practitioner, Chilliwack

Say NO! to Sugar

" Wow, I have totally learned my lesson, no question. You don't ever have to tell me again not to eat sugar, if this is what it triggered, no thanks! At least I know I can improve again, and when I do, I will not be taking my pain free state for granted ever again! I don't know how to tell you how motivated I am to commit to a healthy lifestyle permanently. "

- Kira L., Vancouver, Paralegal Assistant

Please Note: All clients must recognize that I do not/am not involved in the practice of medicine.

Rather, I seek to assist individuals in the balancing of their energy, nutrition and life forces.

Every client must sign a 'Consent to Treatment' and 'Disclaimer of Liability' prior to the commencement of any treatment.

Physical Body

A healthy physical body registers and reacts to the activities of the, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The body may be temporary, but it is not disposable.

You can't just throw junk down the hatch, pollute it right and left then expect it to kick on in the morning. Even if you leave it while dreaming, you have to wake up and smell the herb tea eventually.

Evan T. Pritchard

Emotional Body

It matters where we live and it matters where we heal and often the only way we can cure ourselves of the diseases we have is to retreat back to nature to detoxify our mind, body, and spirit.

Therefore, being psychologically centered within oneself positively impacts a home, a family, a city, the world itself.

Spiritual Body

The soul in the body is like sap in a tree,
and the soul’s powers are like the form of the tree,
and as the the tree’s form develops,
so the soul reveals it’s powers.

Hildegard of Bingen