"A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.“ - Hippocrates

If you consider yourself relatively healthy, but you want to be proactive in maintaining your health, this is an excellent first step in your personal health toolbox

A personal wellness report will enable you to pinpoint the weak areas of your body as well as help you determine your proneness to specific disease states based on your birth chart.

By having a medical astrology report done for your time of birth you immediately have a simple and effective way to begin improving your overall health.

Medical astrology evaluates your body strengths and weaknesses. Once you determine the weak areas of your body you can take measures to build them up or begin a new health regimen that includes dietary and lifestyle changes. It can include specific foods, yoga or movement exercises, flower essences, even color therapy, all to enhance your physical and emotional health.


It is one of the earliest forms of astrology. It is the branch of astrology that deals with the planetary causes of disease. It has its origins in ancient astrology and was used by Hippocrates (b.460BC) and by most doctors until the 17th century. Medical astrology associates the different parts of the body and the illnesses connected to them with the signs of the zodiac and their associated planets. There is also a correspondence between the planets and disease in that the specific planetary combinations can indicate proneness to a specific disease state.

Thus medical astrology can be an excellent adjunct to traditional medicine.


It can help you eliminate improbabilities of your creating certain health conditions and helps you focus on the vulnerable parts of your body.

It shows you your strengths and the way your body would respond to disease if left neglected by a poor diet and improper lifestyle.

It can not diagnose disease. There are too many variables in any chart for it to be used for diagnosis.

All the signs in the Zodiac correspond to the anatomical locations in the body of tissues and organs. Along with the planets, the signs can also describe the physiology (body processes) of an organ or tissue.

In many cases there are similarities between a sign in the zodiac and a planet it is associated with.

For example: Libra refers to the anatomical location of the kidneys and Venus, which is associated to the sign Libra can describe kidney action. Thus kidney function in the body can be related to both the sign of Libra and the planet Venus.

Your personal astrological medical chart will show you the relationship between your specific planets and your signs and what your latent tendencies are to specific disease states and body weaknesses.

This information is invaluable as it serves as a compass keeping you on your own personal path of awareness of how to be the awake and active caretaker of your own health.


  • Your birthdate, birth time, and birth location
  • 1 1/2 hours of consultation time
  • Fee: $150

Physical Body

A healthy physical body registers and reacts to the activities of the, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The body may be temporary, but it is not disposable.

You can't just throw junk down the hatch, pollute it right and left then expect it to kick on in the morning. Even if you leave it while dreaming, you have to wake up and smell the herb tea eventually.

Evan T. Pritchard

Emotional Body

It matters where we live and it matters where we heal and often the only way we can cure ourselves of the diseases we have is to retreat back to nature to detoxify our mind, body, and spirit.

Therefore, being psychologically centered within oneself positively impacts a home, a family, a city, the world itself.

Spiritual Body

The soul in the body is like sap in a tree,
and the soul’s powers are like the form of the tree,
and as the the tree’s form develops,
so the soul reveals it’s powers.

Hildegard of Bingen