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To Dowse Is To Devine | A one day course in Pendulum Dowsing

Learning The Kroeger System of Dowsing for Beginners

The pendulum is an excellent tool for diagnosis and healing. It can be used for determination of most questions concerning the body including selecting which healing remedies to use, their dosages and frequency of use.

Along with assisting one to make better choices for their health. The use of dowsing will aid in countless areas of living:

  • Safe Food choices
  • Sorting through health supplements
  • Locating lost items
  • Shopping
  • Choosing where to live
  • Car repairs
  • Plant & Pet health

Use of the pendulum increases intuition and gives one confidence to make the best choices for oneself in any situation.

Come and learn...
  • An introduction to the uniquely accurate Kroeger dowsing method
  • Getting started... the first 6 steps
  • Preparing the subconscious
  • Programming the conscious
  • Do's and don'ts of dowsing
  • How to trust your dowsing
  • 3 rules in asking the right questions
  • How to assess your aura (a reflection of your health)

Sharon Richlark BA, B.Ed is a certified Hanna Kroeger practitioner and advanced dowser. She has been in alternative health practices and teaching for 25 years.

To Register by phone please call Sharon at: (604) 990-8926 or click here to register Via Email.

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