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Sharon Richlark is similar to a Sherlock Holmes. But instead of solving murders, she unravels the mysteries of her clients' bodies. Richlark, who's been in alternative practice for the past 25 years, likens the body to a jigsaw puzzle—one that is often a challenge to piece together. "I just can't rest till I've figured it out," says the Vancouver resident, whose background is in both traditional Chinese medicine, French and Italian homeopathy. "It's like being an athlete and wanting to win."

Richlark has seen everything from unsightly warts to diseases of the central nervous system and beyond. Herbs, tinctures, botanicals, home remedies, and advice about diet and lifestyle are the main theme of a private discussion. Many of her clients are acute sufferers who come to her as a last resort. "They're desperate or fed up or scared," she says. Many of the methods they have tried have only half worked or not at all.

All of our ailments are rooted in stress, Richlark maintains, they manifest themselves as blockages in our system. By making even small changes in our lives, we can give our bodies the chance to eliminate these blockages and heal. Sharon’s clients have repeatedly found success by following the baby steps outlined for them and being willing to stay the course.

"In my world, the body has its own agenda," she says. "Once the body is given the tools, it will go back to the divine blueprint of being in balance."

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